Crafted from the Fremantle working men cottages and then fitted and placed with pride I'm sure in a beautiful CIRCA 1890'S FEDERATION COLONIAL historical home in East Fremantle.

Fortunately, I was one of the very blessed and lucky buyers who had their eyes and heart set on the entire collection of Lead Light windows fitted to the frames of this beautiful Australian Home. Originally my thought was once I purchased these beauties, I would then inherit a certain something which we all call A heirloom sentiment nowadays that I could perhaps incorporate into my home when the time comes when and if I ever am lucky enough to have my very own home. my second option was to display the windows in my wisteria lane store and cross my fingers in hope that the right buyer/customer would purchase these and perhaps think along the same lines as me .. well push came to shove and I haven't yet had the opportunity to own my own home since inheriting these unique diamonds in a rough. however I did receive the honors of first dibs in purchasing thesese beautiful masterpiece in which reminds most of us of our yesteryear ,These Art Deco Lead Light Windows are the perfect representation from one of my favourite eras , that being THE ART DECO PERIOD ... This outstanding bay window has all of its originals parts and features including its 100% authentic jarrah west Australian wooden frame wood in which assists with the support and structure of this Australian belle , if you are a over of Lead Light itself you will find yourself becoming more and more lost in translation from the moment you lay your eyes on her , as you gaze through this wonderful piece of art ,,, you start to immerse yourself on a journey and almost feel as though you have become lost in a trance of back in time, this feeling not only has allot to do with its vibration and energy , its on another level that i find myself intrigued by the onset of the windows exquisite interlinking patterns, and of course the geometric design of shapes of all different sizes however symmetry remains balanced as it always does being deco ... so if you are the type of personality trait who must always have things organised and in straight lines hehe then this beautiful piece will more then likely be a blessing in your life.
You know many of my clients say to me I love antiques and I love the style of antique and vintage decor and I wish I could have it in my home to enjoy but I cant because I bought a modern newly built home !! my response to those clients and my future clients who
say and think that same thing, believe it or not it is even better how modern contemporary design and the timeless pieces of yesteryear blend together and unite as the perfect marriage, the two styles from two totally different worlds ertinly do compliment one another as the softness , curvetures and the warmth in which Antique pieces radiate all around the room is unexplainable exquisite. its priceless and looks a treat, even if you do not fit this window as its original function of purpose in being a window itself, you could simply hang her on the wall as the part they're of a statement feature wall in one of your rooms to your home, or if mounting on walls is not really your cup of tea no problem lean her against a blank wall or perhaps even in your garden in an under-covered area to protect her from the elements, although I must admit we have applied a durable and protective barrier topcoat to this window in case there is the need and want for you to display her in your garden as a piece of garden art.

she most definitely will be the topic of conversation at your gatherings ... and the envy of all your friends and family hehe .. but please know this there is only one and one unique window only so she is individual and a one-off.

the art deco headlight paneled window is all intact with its originals fittings and fixtures ready to be showcased mounted fitted or displayed in your home's foundations or simply for display or props ... she is what she is and her fair reasonable price does reflect in her authenticity and beauty.

height - Approximately 155 cm
width Approximately - 60 cm
depth Aproxmately - 3.5 cm

Beautifully restored and refurbished pieces of our yesteryear

pick up is located in Melville
alternatively, we can arrange a delivery service at buyers own expense please contact us via email or phone if you wish to receive a quote based on your location

we can also post/ship this beauty Australia wide also at buyers own expense please don't hesitate to contact us via our email link and contact link on this website

$650 FIRM